Our Story

It all started in the middle of the garage next to my grandfather. I watched every single movement of his hands as he was the passionate handyman, who always came up with something "special". At the same time, he was the only one who gave me, as a little boy, complete freedom to decide for myself. My love for two-wheels started while riding on a moped with him. The rustling of the air around, the rumbling of the engine, accidental repairs in the middle of nowhere, when our vehicle betrayed us occasionaly, hands covered with motor oil, while feeling absolute freedom.

This passion has never let me go, I got through tuning the moped to my first motorcycle and amateur racing. However, there was something missing, this bike lacked the magic of unpredictability, it was too reliable. The only solution was to buy an old motorcycle and rebuild it in my own style. Style that is not restricted by emission limits and regulations, just fast and loud machine. Style that means the freedom I felt the first time the wind rustled around my ears.

Freedom Engineering Yamaha racing

And this s why Freedom engineering started...

To delliver you high performance lightweight parts using the latest technology for old-school and modern bikes. Does not matter if you prepare your bike for a track day or expedition, our parts will make your heart beating.