XS 400 Oil cooler project

Druring hot summer days and furious ride it is necessary to have additional cooling on XS400. I realized small oil leaks and unstable performance these days. So the project started by calculation of necessary oil flow thru radiator to be able to work propperly. After it was just a fabricatio of oil plate and final assembly.

With raditor I am able to keep oil temperature within acceptable range even during hot days and crazy riding.


The whole assembly consist of:

    • Oil plate - converts your cartridge oil filter to spin on style oil filter
    • Threaded tube - connects your engine and oil filter
    • Original o-ring 
    • Sandwich plate - transfers oil to radiator and has optional slots for temperature and pressure sensors 
    • AN fittings and hoses - for connection between plate and radiator
    • Oil radiator
    • Radiator mounting kit
    • Temperature/pressure mounting kit

All parts will be available soon in shop. 



Spin on Oil Filter Oil Cooler XS400 kit


Spin on Oil Filter/Oil Cooler XS400 kit


Spin on Oil Filter/Oil Cooler XS400 kit